Chambre Froide - La mort des cultes Tape

Chambre Froide stands for "cold room" in French. This is a tape that it was recently released and I recently got through a trade (thanks to D). From the time I pressed the "play"  button, I understood that this isn't  "just another" black metal release. Yeah, that's right. This is BLACK metal. Everything is here. Pessimistic melodies that constrict your neck like a noose, teared up vocals, up tempo rythms that are followed by excruciating, "typical" black metal drumming and slower riffs too, that compel you to feel (actually) the coldness that is spreading everywhere. I had a long time to hear something that it will take me back to an other (more darkened) era. If you dare come and join me.
P.s. Special thanks to Olivier (Chambre Froide/Gasmask Terror) for sending me the songs in mp3 format.


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