Iron Lamb/Motorbreath - A motorlamb with an ironbreath 7"

At last...I have been waiting for this release so fuckin' long! Both Iron Lamb and Motorbreath come from Sweden and they bring with them filthy,gutsfucking rock n roll!Yeah, baby it's rock n roll and it's damn gooooood!Iron Lamb (sharing members with Repugnant, General Surgery, Dismember and Bombstrike!!!!) deliver us two pissed off-fuck you songs (one is a GG Allin cover), while Motorbreath spit on your face with three furious tracks. As long as you put the needle on this EP, there is no turning back!


Sebastian said...

I bought this split a month ago (or something like that) and fucking love'em! I had to buy the Iron Lamb shirt and the patch! and I want to buy the new EP! Motorbreath have more material?

dis66 said...

Yeah, I was stuck too when I first heard to Iron Lamb.
Motorbreath, apart from this EP, have released the following :

Rock N Roll Band - 7'' 1998
Knullad Av Kneget - CDr 2001
Burn Em Down - CDr 2003
Outside Ralphs - LP 2006