Stormcrow/Coffins LP

Both of the bands that take part in this split are among my favourites. Stormcrow continue to crush everything in their path having all the characteristics that made them well-known. These are: slow, darkened crust-as-fuck melodies followed by fast tempo parts "ala" Bolt Thrower. On the other side we have Coffins that infest your ears with their slow-coming death/doom. It's worth every minute of it. 
Listen to it loud. Listen to it somewhere solitary. Listen to it somewhere in the dark.



..crucified freedom.. said...

wow, this Stormcrow track is just perfect for those boring winter days.. and Coffins aren't bad at all..
nice record..

dis66 said...

Hell it is. If you want heavy-as-fuck, slow-paced crust then this is THE split.

Defunción Sistemática said...

thanks man, greetings from my blog

dis66 said...

Thanks for the comment man. Cheers