Bla, bla, bla...

I'm that close to start hating summer season. The weather is hot as hell, the majority of the people I know are away, I'm most of the time trapped into my house unable to drive away all the boredom and the misery...Sapila... (=a greek word describing the whole fucked up situation). The only thing that is left giving me strength to survive, is music. I am stuck with Red Dons, Insurgent Kid, Autistic Youth, Clorox Girls. Kick ass punk rock! Another cheering thing is that the last two weekends of July there will be held in Veria and Tirnavos two d.i.y. festivals with lots of bands. Black Trinity & Go Filth Go will be playing in that one in Veria but we will join the other one in Tirnavos too, just for relaxation. So, if you got nothing to do get off your ass and join the festivals. There will be free entrance, free camping and vegan food served every day!
One of these days I will post the new Machetazo 7". Stay dis-tuned.

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