What is Black Metal, mom?

 Well, there is much to say about Black Metal. Different questions pop up as I watch all these corpse-painted , misanthropic, grim, nihilistic, evil, anti-religious (and the list goes on...) BM bands possessing the TRUE BLACK METAL. What is true anywhay and who is to tell so? If I know one thing that is that BM is  minimal, violent and ugly by itself. No complicated riffs, no fancy bullshit.The music speaks for itself. Bathory and Hellhammer showed the road. Darkthrone and Mayhem walked it down. There are those who tried to copy these bands and failed to do so. There are others who tried to evolve BM and introduce elements that would appeal to more people. Of course they fell into deep shit. I got tired of hearing superficial BM songs having nothing to say and sounding like pigs' farts. The answer to TRUE BM is sticking to the basics. Not  reproducing old-written stuff, but being inspired by all these great bands that created this annoying sound.
As for the BM image thing it's just ridiculous nowadays. What few did back in the days, because they  felt  so and expressed themselves that way, many abused it while they found another way to sell (more of) their records. 

I really don't know if all this makes sense...but who cares...

This is what I call ugly BM !!!

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