Anguish - Within the darkness 7"

I know that some words tend to lose their meaning as they are being used over and over again. Such a word is "old-school". I bet my head that all of you have faced-once or more in your misery existence- 666 (a random number) bands screaming out that they are 666% (again a random number) "old-school"...Enough is enough!
Anguish are 667% old school and they prove it with this EP. Their heavy crust/d-beat served with rock 'n' roll guitar solos along with ultra-heavy vocals is what I have been looking for a long time to bang severely my head. So what's gonna be? Yes or no?

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Anonymous said...

υπαρχει περιπτωση να του κανεις ενα ξανανεβασμα; Στο τελευταίο κομμάτι γαμιεται.