Machetazo - Necrocovered

I must admit it...Machetazo is one of my favourite death/grind bands! Their ball-breaking horror grind leaves you (as we say here in Greece)..."malaka"! When I checked this recently released mini cd I couldn't believe what I saw nor what I listened to! 7 (gates of) hell(ish) covers on CARNIVORE, MASTER, DARKTHRONE, CORRUPTED, KREATOR, OBITUARY and SEPTIC DEATH. But it goes further than this! We have 6(66) special (necro)voices to complete this horrorfest: Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY / ABSCESS), Johan Wallin (GENERAL SURGERY / REPUGNANT), Tim Call (ALDEBARAN / SPLATTERHOUSE), Kam Lee (MASSACRE / BONE GNAWER), Skrappar (LOBOTOMIZED) and Santi (NASHGUL). The title declares it: Necrocovered. Are you necro? Prove it!

P.s. Tiga alitia lemeeeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

treli ekswfyllara!!!

dis66 said...

Ontos file anonime.. Kai akoma pio treli diskara!