Damn these japaneses! They have been exporting great punk/hardcore/grind bands since forever. Among the brightest examples to give is Disgust (not to be confused with Disgust from UK, nice one too!). Undermankind is their first full-length that was released in 2001. Here we have an absolute grindcore-in your face-assault but mostly played in d-beat way (emphasizing more on the -core part than on the grind -) and not in the all-time classic "we-tear-your-ass-with-an-unstopable-blast-beat" way. The only "bad" thing in this record (in my opinion) is the frequent use of samples in many songs. Apart from this Undermankind has a lot to say, so you know...Move downwards!


A little surprise/bonus-upload just for you all japan-lovers that I know you will appreciate it. Two is better than one! So, this one is Disgust's second full-length, released 6 years after the first one. Here we have a more d-beat/hardcore record with grindcore outbursts here and there, but still their style is fully recognisable and adorable! Personally I like War Deterrent more than their first one, without implying that Undermankind is less good. Anyway, you should check both of them and listen to them VERY loud. Dis-or-FUCK YOU!



mikxxx said...

vale kai kamia mpanta apo iaponia...\xaxaxaxxaxa

dis66 said...

xexe...ok kati tha kanoume!:P